Books I nearly DNF’d* but didn’t… 

*DNF – Did not finish

Good afternoon/evening all!

How’s your week going? I know, I know. It hasn’t technically started yet but still, 2 days down 3 more to go! 

I thought I’d do a little post today about a few books I nearly gave up on and I chose not to. I am so glad that I chose not to because some of them are on my all time favourites list. So here is goes: 

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. This book was a massive hit a few years ago. Donna Tartt is known for bringing out books at least once a decade because she does extensive research. I believe she puts her heart and soul into it! It’s 880 pages long and it was an epic book! A bit too epic for me at the time, it was so long and I wasn’t used to the length of a book. The story is greatly told but if you have read it; you will know that not a lot went on. It started with a boy who grew into a man and it was his story. I nearly gave up half way. I’m so glad I didn’t because stuff started happening half way through!! I loved it at the end and felt a sense of accomplishment when I finished it.

The other book was also by Donna Tartt, it’s called The Secret History. It’s about a group of kids in college who aren’t really friends but something keeps bringing them together and the consequences of said thing.  I nearly DNF’d this book because, although I love her writing; it was far more sophisticated than my little brain could handle. She wrote in actual Ancient Greek! Thankfully as I read Greek; that part was easy. Understanding it was the difficult part. I persevered though. I didn’t want to be scared of finishing a book. I wanted to at least try. I’m glad I did. This is one of my favourite books in the world now. 

The last book would be 1984 by George Orwell. If you’ve read this blog, you know this is one of my favourite books. I was so close to not finishing it initially, so if I didn’t finish it, it wouldn’t have the special place in my heart. If you’ve read it, then you know it’s a little slow paced and there’s a book within the book explains some rules that is just *yawn*. Again, I persevered!!! I loved the ending. This book stuck with me long after I’d finished it and it is still one of those books that annoy me. In a good way, I can’t give away too much to people that haven’t read it but man, the ending was frustrating (Although I loved it). It also began my love of dystopian novels. As I have said previously. 

What books have you nearly put down but glad you didn’t? 

Until next time, keep reading. 


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