Being in a book slump. 

Hello all! 

I thought I’d do a slightly different post today. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I haven’t been uploading on my regular days lately. I usually upload on a Saturday and a Tuesday. For me, this is self imposed. It’s supposed to keep me on track with my books and reading. 

Lately, at least the past couple of weeks I have not being able to read. I have picked up and put down a numerous amount of books. Nothing seems to “pull me in” at the moment. This isn’t necessarily the books themselves. It’s what we call a book slump. I hate these. It happened to me towards the latter stage of last year and lasted for absolute months! It’s frustrating because I love reading. 

So what does one do in a slump that they want to get out of? Well I have a few suggestions for you if you’re ever in a bind. 

The first one and probably the most important is to not pressure yourself. You don’t need to be reading X amount of books each month to reach your reading goal. Read at your own pace. I know I’m the worst culprit for this. I have set myself a goal and I’m annoyed that I may not reach it. Thus making myself unnecessarily stressed. 

Secondly, if you’re determined to read. Pick up an old favourite. Something that you’re guaranteed to love. Personally I’ve never re-read a book but I have known people who’ve sworn by it. It’s like watching an old film you love. 

Thirdly, another idea that was recently given to me by one of my bookish friends is to read children’s books. She said that the sense of achievement may start my gears running again to read books. Also, they would count towards my reading goal. 

What I have done personally now is picked up a book from my shelf The Raven Boys by Maggie Stievfater. This is an easy read from what I can tell and a little cheesy. Sometimes you have to have a little bit of cheese in your reading life haha. I will try and read this at a slower pace. If I like it and it gets me excited, I have another three books in the series to continue. At least with this. It’ll feel like an achievement. 

I hate been in a book slump but it’s inevitable sometimes. You can’t stop it. So whilst you’re in it, take some of these steps. Or maybe just not read for a while. It’s ok not to. Maybe catch up on some of your favourite shows. Mine are currently Once Upon A Time and Riverdale. It’s funny because both are based on books in one form or another. 

I hope this helps you a little bit if you’re currently in a book slump! It’s not permanent! Remember that. Now, I’m going to go and watch some tv! 


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