Fictional Bookish Bucket List:

Hello everyone! Hope you are having a fun Saturday! I am at work but I thought of this great idea to write about. This is my fictional bookish bucket list. This is a silly and fun list of things I would like to do!

Lets start, so I would like to have dinner Feyre and Rhysand from A Court Of Thorns ad Roses. This would be because, I would love to get under their skin – imagine having dinner with these two? The sexual tension would be palpable!

I would love to become friends with Cecelia Ahern, I could see us getting along really well as we are both hopeless romantics! If she asked me to move to Ireland so we could be closer, I would not say no.

If I could live anywhere in a fictional world, it would be Velaris (Again, A Court Of Thorns and Roses). It sounds like such a beautiful city with jasmine scented nights.

I would love to go to Paris and scale the Eiffel Tower in the time that Anna from Anna and the French Kiss was in school. We could have all night conversations about Etienne *swoons* and scale the tower together.

I would write a book, I feel that would be amazing.

There are two book stores I would go to and those are Strand in New York and the Shakespeare bookstore in Paris.

I would go to New Orleans and meet up with Alys Arden of the Casquette Girls fame. I would visit, even if there were witches and vampires running around. Haha.

I would also love to finally turn this nook that I have at home into a floating bookshelf. The idea is in my head and it so beautiful. Now to get building….

I would like to Meet Edgar Allan Poe. I know this is not realistic (I am stating the obvious) but I would love to go to a bar and just talk to him about his stories and the poems. Especially, Annabel Lee.

This is probably more realistic, I would love to go to book fairs. Book fairs that are more accessible for us book lovers that are not necessarily in the business of books and publishing.

Finally but not the least of all,

I would love a job in books, where it is for a publishing house or a bookstore. I would love to do something I love.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, you can tell me what your bucket list is like. Bookish or otherwise.





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