Book Box Subscriptions:

Hello guys! How have you been? This week I thought I would do a midweek blog. This is about book subscription boxes. Yay or nay? Personally I love the idea of them! There’s so many out there now that you can pick and choose what you like! 

There’s a website called and you can specify what type of box you like and they’ll give you suggestions. 

I am a huge fan of #instagram, if you follow me you know this. I post a lot! A lot about books and bookish things! This is how I discovered, in my opinion one of the best book boxes about! It’s called Fairyloot and they are a monthly subscription box where you get one hard back book and lots of bookish items! 

This month, I bought a one off Fairyloot for the month of February and their theme was Emperors and Fugitives! Look at all the goodies you get in these boxes:

Fairyloot box for February 2017.

In this box, we got a full size candle, a keyring, a preview of a book, a coaster, a boomark, bookplate and even a personal letter from the author! 

I think this is a great way of getting books you wouldn’t normally pick up yourself and discover great stories! This subscription is specific to YA novels but there’s a lot more out there! 


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