Bookish Items and Paraphernalia

Hello again, it’s me! This week’s blog post will be about bookish things. Things that are about books and the love of them, without actually being books. 

I am obsessed with this online store called Literary Gift Company. They’re great, they sell all sorts. I have recently bought a mug and a book mark from the online store. They’re so much fun. The mug says ‘Go Away I’m Reading’. I use this in work when I’m on lunch. It’s an unspoken way of telling people not to disturb me whilst I’m reading! Haha. 

The bookmark is cute and plastic. It says ‘So many books, so little time’. The top part that says ‘so many books’ just sits on top of the pages. I like unique bookmarks that aren’t made of paper. This makes it a lot harder for me to lose them. I tend to lose my paper/card ones all the time! 
I also received a tote for Christmas. This had one of my favourite books of all time on it. It’s The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The backdrop is dark blue with these piercing eyes looking at you. 

This one was from my boyfriend’s sister. It’s such a treasure and I always use it. 

All these things are so sweet and so special, I love that there are such things out there for book lovers like me. 
Do you have any bookish items that you treasure like I do? If so, tell me about them! Also, if you have any shops or online stores that you recommend for bookworms, please do so! 


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